Goodwill Loans

Thinking of buying an established vet practice and you need funding?

  • Is the purchase price realistic?
  • How much can you borrow?
  • How much is goodwill, equipment and stock?
  • How can my finance be best structured to suit cash flow and maximise my tax benefits?
  • How long can I fund for?

Buying into a practice is generally made up of goodwill, plant and equipment and stock.  Each component has a different value and should be treated separately so that you can take advantages of any tax benefits.

Thinking of setting up a new practice?

  • What is the lending process attached to setting up a business based only on demographics and financial projections?
  • How can one raise $500,000 using only the proposed growth of the vet practice as goodwill?

Setting up a new practice might provide significant tax benefits in year one (1) if structured properly with ongoing benefits.

  • No real estate property required as security
  • Ability to lend up to 100% of your practice purchase price
  • No ongoing service fees
  • Fixed & variable interest rate options
  • Principle + interest & interest only repayment options